Very Bad Times...

When I was 17, things were looking down for me.

My last two boyfriends had told me they decided not to be gay anymore after our first time sleeping together... and I was really broken up about it.  I started wondering whether it was MY fault that they were changing their entire lifestyles...

The day after the second break-up was my 17th birthday... and my parents bought me a pony.  I had always been able to tell that they hated me, and decided to use their present as a means to kill myself and cause them as much pain as possible.

I bought a bunch of watermelons and honeydew melons and had my pony practice jumping up and down on them.  After I felt he was sufficiently trained, I starved him for three days and then put my head on the ground underneath his hooves.

I woke up in the hospital three days later -- my parents had found the horse chewing on the back of my leg and I was bleeding severely from multiple blunt force trauma wounds to the head.

The doctor told me I had suffered fairly severe brain damage, but to be honest I don't really notice a difference.

My parents bought me a shotgun for my next birthday and let me put the pony down, so now I'm happy again.
Carazord Carazord
22-25, M
2 Responses Jul 31, 2007

you killed the pony?

wtf ???