I Attempted Suicide.

Four years ago I attempted suicide by eating so much Tylenol that my blood was toxic. I was in the psych ward for 72 hours throwing up. The attending doctor made me see a psychiatrist. I hated him. He was an ******* who asked me uncomfortable questions about my sex life and treated me as if I was lying. The only good thing he did for me was up my anti-depressant dose. I still get depressed sometimes but now it's not as bad. I think about trying again but I've never followed through on it. My journal is filled with suicidal thoughts and ways I would like to die but I don't want to be in the psych ward again.

absintheminded85 absintheminded85
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 6, 2009

sorry to hear you have to battle this problem, your not alone... I'm here