Overdoses and Thoughts

i've overdosed 3 times, none were severe and only one ended me up in hospital, but i guess thats cos i didnt tell anyone about the other times, havent spoken about them since i did it until now. i think about it alot, i see a bridge and think, is it high enough, is it worth it if it wont kill me. i look over a cliff and think, will i drown, will i hit the rocks below hard enough, will i die? i dont think a day will pass when i dont think about it, but i know for one thing that i will never do anything that will put another persons life in danger, so i wouldnt walk in front of a bus or anything, but the thoughts will still go through my mind.

Now i have made a promise to myself that if i did do anything then it will work, cos i cant face certain things, main ones being disappointment and anger.

but i guess for now........life goes on......

sezy sezy
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2007