I'm 17 And I Attempt It

I attempt suicide before. I cut my wrist and suffocate myself. But it end up for me, being alive. I really hate my life. My parents hate me, my friends thought I am a bad person. Everyone, hate me. They are all f***ing fake. They all hurt me. I wish I doesn't exist. I wish my parents just kill me. I wish someone will end my life. I wish god never created me as a person. I wish he just created me as an animal or insect. Instead human. I hate my life. It sucks.

I thought I can end my life that easy but I can't. Something stops me everytime I want to do it. :( I hate my life.

yamamotomegumi yamamotomegumi
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Oh honey!<br />
Be strong!<br />
There must be something in your life worth being here for!<br />
I know that sometimes we have a crappy day and we just want to shut it in a box and cast it our to sea, but you have to keep going!<br />
Be a bigger person. Strive for something in your life. Write a book, or learn to sing. Have something in your life to concentrate on when you are ready to throw in the towel. You just really can't give in now.