7 Times Infact

my 7th time though was the most deadly. i went outside at 12:00 midnight with a very long rope in hand. i have this HUGE tree in my back yrad so i tied the rope into a nuse on it. i  stood on a chiar to reach the rope then kicked it out from underneath me. i swung there for a little bit then the next thing i remeber is im in a hospitol bed with my throught aching like no towmarrow. my parents came crying there eyes out. it made me so sad. how selfish i acted. for all the pepole i left behind how tore up theyd be. and still i want to die even today. i will never commit susiced agian becuase iv given up trying.

LelouchZero LelouchZero
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

hey i hope you are doing better than you were i have tried to committe suicide many times too if you need anyone to talk to im here email me i understand and also i know how it doesnt help to have your parents crying at you or even over you good luck xx

same as any other person on here