I Hve The Means

I suffer from intractable los back pain that is getting worse. I have OC and oxycodone, in the perfect amounts to kill myself. I just haven't done it because of my mom and the pain I know I would cause her, but i;m tired, so tired of the pain, of the sleepless nights, of crying myself to sleep, i'm of the verge, i actually counted the pills tonight, and i don'r know, i might do it, the only times i don't hve pain are when i am sleeping. My "friend" keeps an eye on me, but he can't look out for me 24/7. Who knows, i've told my mom, she said it would be a sad ending, i mnow she is hurting inside. But i can't bear this pain anymore.

isuckateverything isuckateverything
31-35, F
Mar 10, 2010