My Attempts.....

Well when I was two I jumped out a window but i don't know if that counts because i don't even know if i knew what i was doing.... I ran in front of a car but they stopped just in time. I told my mom it was an accident that i didn't see the car coming.Then i tried to starve myself.  I also tried to cut my wrists so I would bleed to death, but that obviously didn't work out that time. So those are all my failed attempts... -_-

Angelaisinvisible Angelaisinvisible
13-15, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

Yes talking to someone is a great way to deal with the feelings you have, a counslor is a great place to start and here is good also. If you are like most people who look for a sucidal solutions to problems, it is not death you desire but the end of life or more specificly the life you are currently living. You need to identify the thing or things in your life that are making you hurt or uncomfortable and see if there is some changes that you can do. I understand not everything can change and some changes are much more difficult than others. But once you identify what is causing the sucidial tendencies it is easier to deal with them. Find someone to talk to even if it someone you do not know but maybe sympathetic to your feelings, talk to others on here if it will help, but try and find the postive side. It is to easy for two people who are both distructive to bring each other down so please be careful with that. I hope you the best.

why do u want to die?have u told anyone how u feel?u should try to get help,maybe meds will work,maybe talking to someone will help,please try to get help before doing something u cant come back from.and i do understand what it feels like to want to die,i have tried to end it myself