Hey, House, do you even know the name of the school you are attending?! (or plan to attend)

What do the letters Anm stand for? I can't wait to hear your answer.

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Yeah exactly...bad photo, bad, bad boy :p

No, you are mistaken. I don't think he attends the Agricultural and Mechanical school...he goes to Anm. You are obviously confused. Don't you think he knows where he goes? Get it right! :))

yes tntiti, that's the one i like to go to. lol

Don't you mean Tntt?

I have lived all my life around those institutions, Texas and Texas Tech. so i am really familiar with them my nephew attended Texas and my niece attended A&M i went to Tech.<br />
<br />
my daughter didn't want to stay in texas to attend college so she went out of state. i have to know it's in my best interest.<br />
<br />
and i have to say i only attended tech for one semester, and i don't remember much about it. lol

You know that. I know that. It might be good if HE knows that, especially if he is going there.

And of course college station. sorry.

It's an agricultural and Mechanical School, they also have nine other sister schools, Corpus, San antonio Kingsville and other locations. can't remmember them all at the moment.