Female Judicial Caning

I have a woman friend from South Africa who claims was given an unofficial judicial caning back in the 1950's or early 1960's for shop lifting as a young girl. Apparetly rather than to going before the local Magistrate her mother entered into a plea bargain with the Senior Public Prosecuter and the shop manageress where she stole the goods. It was agreed to drop the official charges and that my friend was to be given six strokes of the cane. The Senior Public Prosectutor made the necessary arrangements with a woman police captain from the local police station. That Friday afternoon the police captain and shop manageress duly arrived at my friends house with a juvenile cane. Witnessed by also her mother, the police captain gave her the thrashing of her life over her school panties. She also said that she incapacitated for the whole weekend Needless to say she said that she never shoplifted again. Oupa is also South African. Is that possible?

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There was a 7 stroke limit on the juridical canings while it was still in active practise.

RE female judicail caning re shop lifting<br />
Would the local majastraite given more than 6 strokes? SOUNDS bad! would a judical one be worse?

Steve, I agree whole hearted!

It is the least costly method and in my opinion the most effective method of punishment for adolescents, and if done unofficially as this was, there is no criminal record that might go against them for a moment of stupidity.

Should happen more often, it would reduce the petty crime. I find it strange that corporal punishment has faded out in many countries, and the "rights"of petty criminals are being given undue respect. Both males and females should be subject to it.

Krol, I responded on the other / similar story.