My Boyfriend Has Just Gone to Afgan

I left my boyfriend at Brize Norton on Saturday, I was strong as we said goodbye. Then I got into my car, started to drive off, I looked back and saw his face. He had an expression on him like a small child would have, being left by his mother, somewhere he had never been before. Thank god I had my big sunglasses on to hide my tears, as he waved at me they poured down my face, I waved back and continued to drive on. The entire drive home I was wailing away listening to love songs! LOL People driving past me, must of thought I was possessed! So the rest of the weekend dragged like there was no tomorrow, I kept myself busy, with work and visiting friends. I felt this sence of emptyness, like I wasn't there my head was but my heart was with him. I've already sent him a 2 page long letter! lol Then today I logged on to check my emails and he had sent me one! I can't explain the joy that rushed through my body when I read the email! Just to know that he was safe and that he was thinking about me. Its going to be a long 12 weeks, but I'm hoping to keep myself busy with work and seeing friends. Plus my bestest friend in the entire world is moving back over from america in 5 weeks! So that will keep me busy. I just can't wait for the day he comes back and I can hold him so tight and never let go!  

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i just had one of those momments my soldier left sunday for ft riley kansas, it was the last time we will see each other till he get his R&R he is leaving for iraq in 6days he just proposed sat when i took him to the airport i kept it all in didnt cry then we said bye b4 he went into the security check point as i walked away i started tearing up then as i got to the stairs i looked back to see him waving at me like a little kid on his first day of school it was so cute i couldnt hold it in much longer and as i started down the stairs were i new he couldnt see me anymore i just broke down people were lookin at me like i was crazy the whole way to my truck i was crying like a big *** kid then as i got in my car he txt me saying how happy he is with me and how he cant believe how strong i am that i didnt cry and all that... little did he know i felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest, im sssooo bad at letting people go or saying goodbye and expecialy with him.... i was like if you only new baby... hell i hate pictureing his face till this day i cry everytime i think about him leaving... im trying to keep busy and do all that its crazy though for sure... we are strong!!!! not many women can do what we do... just rememeber that!!! <br />
good luck and if you ever wanna talk feel free to message me<br />
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yes defo, i keep telling myself it wont be long! and im grateful like you said its not for longer!x

Bless, I know how hard it is but you got to remember to stay strong. Our men our big babys and need to see will be will be strong for them. lol The time will be here berfore you know it. One way of looking at it is be thankful hes not gone for 12 months or 15months like allot of peoples men. Distance will make the heart grow founder. lol x