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Dirty old men like me for some reason. i think all guys are secretly pedos as long as u dont stalk me u can look but dont touch lol
blackgirl16 blackgirl16 18-21, F 16 Responses Mar 10, 2011

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The older I get, the more inappropriate it will be. I can't wait!

I won't touch - just look, drool and then jerk off in private thinking about what I would do with you.

Damn right girl!

Add me so I can look then :)

I'm not old (26) as much as I often feel old, lol, but I must say that you're right, nearly all men are very attracted to younger girls, it is very normal for men to be attracted to girls in the 16-18 range as this is naturally when women are becoming really fertile (throughout most of human history it was very normal for girls to marry and have children by this age), people like to forget that we are ANIMALS and very much still controlled by our primal instincts. Also, it's common to fantasize about when we were that age and just discovering sex and girls doing the same. I personally have always wanted to hear more about the female side of this, girls' early fantasies and sexual experiences.

you are hot girl and a older guy is what you need so go for it i am looking for hot girl like you lets at least get to know each other i want to be friends so add please

Here I long as you are over 18.

Hi. Another dirty old man here. Speaking for myself, I'd say we like you because you're hot and maybe just a little bit slutty in a good way.

I'll say this, you look sexy, and the fact that you have confidence just makes you even sexier. I envy the guy who gets to be with you.

I like to look at pics of sexy young women, because it reminds me of my old girl friends and my wife when we first met 35 yrs ago, I would never try to approach or connect with some one younger so I don't see how that classifies me as a *********?

and young guys aren't creepy or dirty? They are the same age as you, but the same applies to them as older men. In fact young men are probably worse, but you don't notice because they are in your preferred age bracket. They are louder and more aggressive about it.

i dont mind

I agree with brainyblonde on this one-be careful...old men can be creeps! O_O

ok thanks for the advice

it doesnt but that doesnt mean all older guys are dirty

Yes but not like a lot of you young ***** got us beat! AND, sorry to say, that's why we love you SOOO much!!!

lol sure