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You don't know what I'm talking about unless you do. And if you do're welcome. Lol

SweetbriarPoet SweetbriarPoet 26-30, F 9 Responses Oct 7, 2008

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LOL Hey there girl...speaking of dirty little secrets....I know you're probably bad at ********, but you can still suck my ****. Just try not to let your big lips make it too slobbery. (Oh and by the way, if you need a tip: don't use your teeth. Even though your bark is worse than your bite, I'd still hate to have those stinky things anywhere near my private parts).

Yikes! He sounds like Herbert off "Family Guy!"

YOu want dirty old man?? How bout MY patient that's 60+ that LICKS his lips, and asks me when I'm going to have another kid!!! He thinks pregnant women are sexy! :O

What other kind of old man is there?

Oh no, it's definitely real. Remember that night we chugged beers and had sex in the airplane hanger? Oh wait...that...wasn'!

so now you tell me.. all this time i thought it was just all in my head.

Omg 2pretty lol What a funny story. <br />
<br />
Copper: I'm expressing my undying love for you in an affectionate way by writing little stories about you under the radar so that people don't figure out about our passionate, permanent affair. Clear now?

wtf are you talking about sbp?

Girl, I worked at my boyfriends car lot and old men would come in all the time flirting with me. This one old guy his name was Mr.Wally and everytime he would come to the car lot the first thing he would say is "Girl do you know what I would do to you ?" He would drive me insane he did buy a car but after that he would stop by for the hell of it to mess with me>