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If Only It Were Hef...

For some reason old men love me.  They always try to hug up on me and tell me dirty jokes.  Some of them tell me what they would like to do to me.  Some of them are old enough to be my grandfather.  I just wonder if the little old ladies do that too.  And will I have dirty old men hit on me when I'm a dirty old lady?

heavensloss heavensloss 22-25, F 11 Responses Oct 23, 2008

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Yes you will, and yes older ladies do hit on younger cubs :)

Given how the world usually works, you'll probably have scores of young men hit on you when you're a dirty old lady.

the whole idea of procreation n seeking the strongest woman to produce their offspring is totally true!i had never looked about it that way but we were just studying that in my psychology really is interesting...

oh my.<br />
<br />
using lines at ANY age does not work.<br />
<br />
not on me anyway.<br />
<br />
but thanks for playing.

i know what you mean....i mean if they only joke about it its ok...and even saying that i am beautiful is totally fine with me....but not anything else<br />
<br />

When I was born my dad was 55 and my mom was 25, and they had a lovely marriage. All the rest of my friends had divorced parents, but mine didn't even fight. Go figure.

i agree.<br />
it all comes down to one thing: procreation.<br />
why do people seek out the hottest in the room? they seek someone who looks like they would make strong, pretty babies. obviously that's not what goes through their heads, but by instinct that's basically what happens.<br />
there is nothing wrong with finding someone attractive. it's the way they go about making acquaintances. i've had guys [hell, sometimes girls] say outright disgusting things. young, old, drunk, sober. people need to learn to be respectable. i don't know who actually falls for their disgusting tactics, but it's probably far and few between.<br />
it wasn't anything against you...i'm not here for, um, special friends if you know what i mean.

lmao<br />
again no worries<br />
i'm pretty tough when i need to be

no worries...the dirty young men still come at me lol. the old men just outnumber the young ones.<br />
with my luck, that bus will be full of dirty old men.<br />
<br />
oh and mitchandmaureen...i'm good...really. but thanks for...uh...proving my point.<br />
<br />

What don't the dirty young men find you attractive? <br />
It could be your openess and relaxed attitude you send to older gentlemen. When they tell you a dirty joke you laugh and don't go ewwww. When they hug you you don't creep out. <br />
<br />
Yes you would stillget attention because of this when you are an old lady. That would be if you did not get hit by that bus and not make 30..