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And Little Else

I don't get it, I am only ever "hit on" by guys old enough to be my grandfather. I like older guys but this is ridiculous! I always find it amusing when they hit on me and simultaneously try to convince me that they are too old for me. Like I need the convincing, I already know they are too old for me. They always assume I'm married too, or at the very least seriously involved, assumptions I make no effort to dissuade. Actually I let them believe I'm taken and encourage the thought, whatever makes them go away.

DelightfulBabe08 DelightfulBabe08 26-30 19 Responses Oct 27, 2008

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Im tellin you girl. The dirty men come out of the wood work. Especially here on EP. Its flattering... and super creepy. <br />
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And how come I never get hit on by the rich ditry old men. All I got are these scrubs.

Hey, silver, sorry I didn't realize you were a guy. Dude that's terrible, you get hit on by them too?!?! I am soo sorry for you!!<br />
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JSG, eeww, he married one of those girls? I'm sorry, that sucks, maybe next life. :(

DFB,<br />
Well, his life is complicated now with family and kids. He doesn't see himself walking away for another 2 decades!! Maybe next life he'll do it better?!<br />
<br />

Whatever man. Im not used to getting hit on by dudes. Now cougars... love em. But the old men trying to get some from me.... just WIERD. Its not something Im used quite yet.

JSG, aww, I'm sorry that happened to your friend, it sucks when girls are b!tches. Some just seem to think guys don't have feelings or they just don't care. I too try to see the better in people and try to be optimistic about them, but I don't believe in second chances. Once a jerk always a jerk (and that works for girls as well). I have to say it does sound though that the way you describe it he is a bit unwilling to stand up for himself. If someone is treating you badly, put them in their place or walk away. I know it's easier said than done at times but it's the only way to protect yourself from being hurt, and still be the nice guy. I hope that he hasn't lost all faith and will be able to find someone who will treat him the way he deserves to be treated. There are "nice" girls out there, just like I believe there are still "nice" guys. Nice people in general seem to be a dying breed but if we have faith and keep looking I'm sure they'll turn up eventually. :)<br />
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Silver, it can be scary, but a lot of times they're harmless, I just smile and nod and get away as fast as possible. :)

I got hit on by a dirty old man once.... I was flattered and scared at the same time.

Dfb08,<br />
I didn't say spineless or without confidence. There is someone I know very well who is awesome in every way, except with being a nice guy comes the affliction of giving people a second chance, or trying to see the better in people, or being optimistic about people.<br />
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At this point, that guy has lost his innocence so to speak, and no longer believes in being nice or being a jerk to people. He just doesn't care. Not caring is a huge loss IMO. He pretty much wishes he was the jerk as opposed to taking the hit for being a nice guy. I guess it would be fair to say that he doesn't really care about having a way to a girls heart anymore either.

Also, being nice isn't the same as being gullible or spineless, if somone is taking advantage of you, stand up for yourself. Confidence is just as sexy if not more. But being a jerk or a perv is no way to a girls heart.

But I LOVE nice guys and I don't want to take anyone for a ride :(

Hello, just passing through...<br />
<br />
Have to say the comment about nice guys a dying breed, well, there are nice guys, or rather, were, because nice guys by definition are gullible and are quickly taken. Taken for a ride I mean. Nice guys are left holding the bag.<br />
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Not blaming anyone for conning them. Just saying that how they end up doesn't inspire other guys to be nice. There is just no incentive to be nice guy anymore (or maybe its been true forever)

I agree with you...

I freakin better, otherwise what is the point of life, if not to share it with someone?

I'm sure you will, someday. :)<br />
<br />
Well, your boyfriend would be there to stop them. Well, maybe in imagination land which is where I live most of the time.

Hahahaha, I'm going to have to say that is far from the case dear. Most (actually all) of the people who have ever hit on me were at some point led to believe that I was with someone and it didn't dissuade them at all. With of course the exception of the dirty old men as I said in my story they will eventully leave me alone because they think I have someone. I wish I actually did.

People usually don't hit on someone when they're with someone else...<br />
<br />
Of course... What do I know?

How does that work?

You should start hitting on younger guys or guys your age, and once one goes out with you, they'll leave you alone.

Thanks, I agree, it is nice to know I'm not alone and at the same time sad to know I'm not alone. :/ <br />
The only guys my age who hit on me are guys who are only looking for one thing, I can't find a nice guy to save my life. :(

I was just thinking this today, that it is mainly older, married, creepy men I see looking me over. I don't think guys my own age notice me at all. I've never really been approached and hit on that often though, if they speak at all it tends to be, 'Hello' (in that creepy, ‘I’m-so-hot’ voice) or (once or twice) 'You have lovely breasts.' Neither of which is a major winner... On the one hand, I’m happy to know it isn’t just me, but on the other hand, I’m sorry you have the same problem…