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2 physical ones. I have had a stalker on the phone 6-8 times a day and more during the night (before cell phones), online 48 different emails and nonstop opening accounts in yahoo messenger to befriend me and send ims. I've also had 2 physical ones.... the first one was harmless and just annoying the second one became my rapist. Hopefully I don't attract anymore! *fingers crossed*

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I'm not usually afraid of much... when it comes to people. I was stalked about 3 months each time. That was enough for me... though I wasn't afraid during any of them. Until I was raped I didn't think any one would do harm. <br />
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Even now... I enter people's house everyday. I just trust my instincts and listen to them when they tell me to run.

I didn't say that you should be afraid. I asked if your experience MAKES you afraid. I guess you weren't stalked for very long or persued as much as you could of been. You are lucky. Three straight years of being stalked keeps me a bit paranoid. I still screen my calls and look around expecting to see his car when I go anywhere.

A mentor of mine used to worry about me a lot... as like a child I am very trusting. What would being afraid accomplish but making one close one's self from wonderful experiences.

Been there! Doesn't it make you afraid to be nice to people? I just can't get get over how easy it is to attract such people. It just takes a kind word or a simple smile. Creepy I tell ya, creepy.

I've been stalker free for 5 years now and am happily doing what I want to do! *HUGS* Thanks!

Hi, GoddessNakiB. I'm so sorry to hear that, what is wrong with the people?? Hope that you no longer come accross such people, nobody deserves to be harrassed or to be stalked like that. Keep your head up high, and let nobody stand in your way from experiencing true freedom.