The Reason I Bough Pepper Spray

I had just started college and to get the freshmen to make friends they sent us away on trips. I chose the trip to Kennywood as did a few of my friends. We didn't have an even number of people so we found this guy who enjoyed rollercoasters and he joined our group. We became friends and started hanging out. My best friend was convinced he had a crush on her, as it turns out not so much. I worked on campus at the time and he would hang out at my work, a coffee house, which was a common place to hang out so so far so good right. Just friends hanging out right? Wrong. He started talking about this movie that his friend told him about, I just happened to own said movie but had yet to view it so we decided to watch it the next day. One of my friends later told me that he was trying to date me he had asked her if he should continue trying to and she said yeah sure go for it. Another friend who also happened to be there and knew I wasn't interested in him as more then a friend blurted out no to which the first girlk told the guy I hated him (ok wtf right). So I confronted him telling him that I didn't hate him but was just interested in being friends with him. He said ok, this is where things start getting weird.
He would come into my work everyday sometimes we would chat other times he would stand on the other side of the room and just stare at me. I loved walking around campus on warm nights, he found this out and would walk around campus hoping to bump into me. Finally my best friends bf confronted him one night when he was walking a distance behind my friend, her bf and me. He took him aside and told him he was creeping my friend and me out and he was to leave us alone from then on. I then bought pepper spray. Sure I could just stop my late night walks but I didn't want him controling my life plus I had to walk from my work across cazmpus to my dorm at 1am. I never heard from him again but I'd see him at work basically every day I worked. He'd stand on the other side of the room and just stare. He also continued to find me and follow me at a distance every once in awhile, thankfully I am able to sense other peoples presence and always had my pepper spray in hand. Haven't heard from himsince I left the school but my friend stay on campus a year after me an she had a class with him and he'd just stare this evil stare at he apparently she later found out that he thinks she turned me against him and if not for her that he and I would have gotten together. Yeeeeeah.....

witchchic witchchic
22-25, F
Mar 7, 2009