But This Time.....

Ok I love Weird wacky and funky people. They releve stress, anger, and bring smiles but this one time not really. See I was on the bus talking to my friends when this new girl gets on and of course everyone stares but then she sits next to me. I say "Hey you new to the school? Or did you just change houses?" she smiles "No new school, I knew I would like you ShybutBrave" but only she used my REAL name. I was stunned, she told me that I was part of her "CLAN" that will help all human on 2012. I am spose to be the son of and demon mother and angel father. Ouch my weird-dar just burst into flames. :) She said that I was a Wishmaster and she was a Princess Vampire and we were sent to be human to learn about them and to befriend them. HA, HA and HA is all I say to her. I want to tell her that she needs to get her little weirdo A....But away from me and go die. But ... ... ... that won't be nice and wrong to attack like that. So for now I just come up with a way to talk nicely & that I don't believe her. How is that possible?
ShybutBrave ShybutBrave
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 8, 2010

WTF That was uncalled for XP I don't even know you and my pic is one my 10 yr old sis made so I am showing it off.

do you have sex with kids because i've seen your pic and you're freaking me don't blog to me or i'll get my dad on you peace