Why Me??

So tonite, I had a strange experience while shopping in the Dollar Tree.

I was just minding my own beeswax, searching for light bulbs and stuff, when this guy walks on the aisle and says  "HI BEAUTIFUL"

I wanted to say "Go f-u-c-k yourself"

He had on a green shirt like he worked at the place. 

I just looked at him with a long , serious face thinkin to myself "IS HE SERIOUS?"  lol

Today, was one of those days when I felt icky.

Im experiencing some ugly hideous pimply outbreak on my face.
I've been pickin at my pimple and bursted it.
I have a nice reminder of that big fat pimple..its an open sore.
so My face looks like crap to me.

I silently left the aisle and went to another one.

Then I went to the check out line and the guy came walking toward the check out line and I remembered that I needed to get some sunflower seeds, so I headed to the snack line.

The same guy comes through the aisles, to the snack aisle and watched me pick up my sunflower seeds.

I dont know if he really needed to come down the aisle or what but I needed him to move the hell out of my way because I needed to head to the check out line...

So I say "Excuse me"...he slides out of the way but looks me up and down.


This dude was short , pudgy and looked at least 5 yrs younger than I.

He looked like he was thinking some pervish crap while staring at me.


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3 Responses Jan 25, 2012

lmao sorry if I was in the same aisle and heard the conversation if it took place out loud...<br />
<br />
Man: you look beautiful<br />
You: go **** yourself<br />
<br />

I dont know weather to go at you here, or on the im as usually lol. but this proves my point of a kookie chic you are.

Thank You! LOL

Poor thing. I know exactly how you feel. Even though I'd like to tell peoplse to F O some times I just laugh about it. I actually used to be pretty hot, when I was 21 but now I'm just a big fat cow and when a man stares freely at my revolting oversized breasts ( I'm still breast feding my baby) thats exactly how I feel. I know unless I lose weight I will be alone the rest of my life. and not because I think over wieght is unattractive but I know it's unattractive for me so there is no way I could feel anything for a man that is attracted to me in this state. <br />
At least all you need is some good face wash..lol<br />
<br />
All the best.