I Am a Crazy Magnet

I don't know if it's because I seem to stick out of a crowd, or it's the mildly terrified look on my face, or the fact that I can't say "no" and walk away, but I get crazies all the time. One time I went to the grocery store, and stopped outside at a bench to find my iPod in my pocket. This random sketchy old man decided to strike up a conversation. I was wearing sunglasses so he asked if I planned on getting a tan. He then proceeded to advise me to stay in school and get a good education so I wouldn't wind up a welder.

Then there are the guys at a local store who won't stop harassing me every time I go in there. Or the old man that felt up my leg on a bus, or maybe the guy who stood behind me and a friend in a bar for a good twenty minutes, just staring at us.

shayla shayla
18-21, F
7 Responses Apr 2, 2007

I was young once too honey don't let anyone get over on you and speak up.

Learn to defend yourself when neccesary

yea , men when they find u good looking /cute will confront you on odd subjects.... it happened to me a lot when i was young , i stll get odd people eye balling me.... but not as much since im older

You could be a crazy magnet, I'm an ******* magnet..lol...No its true these people really do exist.

I would say get your lip pierced, and wear camo and combat boots, but that might MAKE you a weriod then....

That was some good stupiddog advice. lol<br />
If you look like you could kill at the drop of a hat it would create the opposite affect

How about constructing a 'game face' that you wear in public? Something that implies you have an 'attitude'. Then, the crazies wont be so attracted , Yet you can drop the 'game face' around your friends. Show No Fear !

yep i call it my ***** face..... i use it all the time

Maybe they think you are cute, lol. The man at the store sounds funny.