I have actually started my christmas shopping, early this year.  Last night, I had to go purchase satin ribbon at a craft store, for my gift wrap.  As I enter the aisle, I see this gritty, much older woman, with HARSH black eyeliner, mascara, blue blue eyeshadow and hot pink lips, wearing a flannel shirt and teetering in high heels... she looks like she hadn't been sober in 20 years.  Anyway, she spends serious time on the assessment and then purchase of TONS OF GLITTER... she is looking at all of the colors, picking up various bottles and talking to herself. 

When she had filled her cart with every imaginable form and color of glitter, she looked at me and said "I JUST DON'T SEE HOW ANYONE CAN GET THRU THE HOLIDAYS WITHOUT GLITTER!!" and teetered off with her goods.

What is the use of glitter and the holidays?  Anyone know?

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My little man and I covered about 20 gourds with glitter last year.<br />
Then we put them on the mantle.<br />

I can't imagine what she was going to do with all that glitter! Maybe she has the Bedazzler at home and was going to bedazzle a pair of old jeans and glue glitter to them!LOL! It's messy stuff I avoid it myself!

I should have known, Annie! You solved the mystery!!! Of course, how'd I miss the obvious!?

Of course, this fine lady saves the empty hair spray cartons from the box store and keeps them on top of the refrigerator all year long, just waiting for this day. When she got home from the craft store, she flattened them out and traced a huge block letter on each one. She filled in the letters with elmers glue and sprinkled them with different colored glitter. So that, when she thumb tacked them to the front of the double wide, the whole neighborhood could feel the spirit of the season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! What else!

Why shee-oot, yeah!

you mean shack or trailer?

Was it a house or a doublewide?

I think I've been to that house, before. That's why the description was so detailed. ugh!!!

Fifi, your description of her house was perfect.<br />
I felt like I was there and I thought I smelled moth balls...

Has to be makeup related, has to be!!! Chet? Nah, you mean Bubba!!! haha I'm in the south.

FiFi, you forgot the no-good, unemployed drunken boyfriend, Chet. <br />
<br />
Just guessing, but with this person it sounds as if the glitter could be part of some kind of holiday makeup regime.

Alan, quite the imagination --- that thought never entered my mind. But, now that you mention it... gawd, the horror!

FiFi -- I hope and pray that she isn't going to use the glitter on the cats.


haha clearly and you don't have to's understood, maybe it is one of those things...lucky us! haha

maybe it's a white trash/southern style type of thing?? i'm not admitting to anything, but, clearly, i've been to one or two of these houses... haha

By that last comment of the home, I think you ran into my great aunt Tamsy...<br />
<br />

oh hellll, i forgot the CATS!

here's my visual: lots of ashtrays, brimming over, with butts and ashes, yellowed wallpaper from all the nicotine, bottles of hard liquor (some empty, some full) scattered around the entire house, avon commemorative figures/perfume bottles lined up in her bathroom, a tv set with rabbit ears, linoleum floors, a large tub filled with all of her makeup (some smeared and spilled all over the others), at least 10 cans of hair spray (some empty), 3 pair of nylons, all shredded but still being worn, high heels in every color from 1974...

She purchased enough glitter to make that happen!

there WERE no food related items, sorry

Edible glitter is sprinkles. This was not edible glitter!!! This was a craft store and there was no food related items on this aisle.

yay...! she's back.. and in form!

FiFi -- Then what is that stuff people put on Xmas cookies? You mean, I'm not supposed to eat those cookies?

I have a fantastic "glitter" story... but, it does not involve christmas and/or intent to glitter. It was an accidental glittering of the private region, pre-ob/gyn appt! it's a scream of a story.

you don't know what glitter is used for? You? Fifi? Hmmmm

Glitter is not edible, Mr. Greene. Which may explain her bizarre appearance? hmmm...

Maybe she uses it to decorate cupcakes.

I know what you mean! Black is my favorite winter color, so I steer clear of anything, even remotely, glittery. What is she doing with all that glitter??

I have a serious glitter phobia. It's impossible to get rid of once it starts getting on clothes and furniture.