I'm not even kidding a little bit. I watched a turkey walking down my road once while on the phone with my at-the-time boyfriend. I jokingly told my boyfriend that I had to go because my side-thing was there... then called to the turkey. Expecting the turkey to run away, I watched as it cocked its head in my direction and began to pick up its pace; and then she trotted from the road to my driveway, across my driveway, over the lawn, to my front porch, onto the railing and stuffed her face in my bedroom window. For days, she roosted on our roof. Every time we would go outside she would follow us... up to the mailbox and back, around the yard, EVERYWHERE! She followed us into our house, ate bread that we gave to her, and pecked at my camera as I took pictures. She left the day before I flew to Kansas. While I was gone, she came back for another day, then we never saw her again!

Andddd, that's not the only time I've jokingly called to wild animals or imitated their noises and had them follow me around.
Cindell Cindell
22-25, F
Aug 22, 2014