Aunts Panties

I was about fifteen while at a family BBQ,that I went into my aunt and uncles bathroom and while in there found a pair of my aunts dirty panties inside the clothes basket. She is my adopted dad brothers wife and I've always thought she was damn sexy .. I played with them in my hands, held up against my nose n rubbed on my erect ****. Fear of time restraints I put them back inside the basket and left. Some many years later , at the same house but this time presented with my 22 yr old female cousins panties .. I not only did the same as before with her moms but also used them to get myself off with .
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How old were the little niece while you had the jovial time in your uncle and aunt's home?


Your not the first !

I would sniff my Aunts dirty panties they were always wet and smelt very musky and sometimes with a little pee in them, I stayed with her daughter once and her panties were even better very strong womanly smell

oh my realy my god I love dirty panty with pee on them yum yum


I did that too, they smelled so good

that is really hot so what did your aunt look like? how staying to work her panties and what kind of panties were they?

Nice man I often do the same thing it's great hey the strong sexy smell of there dirty stained panties yummy.

Fabulous classic story. Your aunty's and cousin's panties must have been a joy to fetish as you described. Thank you for sharing.

my god yes

Did you start volunteering for laundry day? ;-)