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The Australian Football League (AFL) is the highest-level professional competition in the sport of Australian rules football.
The league was founded as the as a breakaway from previous Victorian Football Association (VFA), with its inaugural season commencing in 1897. Originally comprising only of teams based in the Australian state of Victoria, the competition's name was changed from Victorian Football League (VFL) to the Australian Football League (AFL) after the admission of interstate teams in 1990.

The league currently consists of 18 teams spread over five states of Australia, although the majority (ten teams) are Victorian. The season runs during the Australian winter (March to September). The top eight teams then play off in a finals series peaking in the AFL Grand Final, which is held in Melbourne each year. The winning team in the Grand Final is termed the "Premiers", and is awarded the Premiership Cup.

The AFL is the best-attended sporting league in Australia averaging 32,748 per game.
The AFL is the second most watched sporting event in Australia. 707,621 people are members of an AFL club.

AFL players are not to drink any alcohol or use any recreational or performance enhancing drug all season.
AFL players are strong role models for young Australians they attend schools, planting trees events, charity events and are television and radio personalities.


All Aussie Rules games follow the same format:
Two teams compete, each team has 18 players, and four interchange players.
AFL is a contact sport, it is held outdoors on a large grass oval. The game revolves around kicking, marking and hand-balling an oval shaped ball.
Each end of the oval has two tall posts and two smaller ones on either side. The aim of AFL is to score the highest points for your team. A goal is worth 6 points and a behind (kicked through the outer posts) is worth 1 point. Players kick the ball through the opposing team’s goal posts. The opposing team tries to prevent the other team from doing the same. This is done by obstructing or tackling their opponents.
The game is played in quarters, the team that scores the most goals after all four quarters have been played is the winner. Each quarter lasts 20 minutes and each quarter the teams rotate, playing in the opposite direction.
Each Aussie Rules game is overseen by an umpire, who starts the match after the siren is sounded. The football is bounced on the ground and each teams Ruckman tries to hit the ball towards their players and scoring goal side. This also happens after every goal scored.
Seven umpires are present on the field including two goal umpires, one at each goal end.

Unlike soccer, in AFL a player is able to use any part of their body to move the ball up the oval including kicking, hand-balling and running while holding the ball. Specific rules also exist that distinctly explain manners in which to advance the ball.

The Ball

The AFL football or 'footy' is an oval shaped ball.
A red ball is used for day matches and at night games a yellow ball is used.


Team guernsey - In the teams colours. Often sleeveless though a few players do wear long sleeved guernseys
Shorts - Quite short, well above the knee
Long socks - In the team colours
Football boots
Teams have a home uniform and an away uniform.

Current Clubs

Adelaide 'Crows'
Brisbane 'Lions'
Carlton 'Blues'
Collingwood 'Magpies'
Essendon 'Bombers'
Fremantle 'Dockers'
Geelong 'Cats'
Gold Coast 'Suns'
Greater Western Sydney 'Giants'
Hawthorn 'Hawks'
Melbourne 'Demons'
North Melbourne 'Kangaroos'
Port Adelaide 'Power'
Richmond 'Tigers'
Saint Kilda 'Saints'
Sydney 'Swans'
West Coast 'Eagles'
Western 'Bulldogs'

Awards include:

The Brownlow Medal - awarded to the player judged the "fairest and best" throughout the regular season.
Coleman Medal - awarded to the player kicking the most goals throughout the regular season.
The Norm Smith Medal - awarded to the player judged best on ground in the Grand Final.
The Rising Star Award - given to the most outstanding young player in the competition.

*this is a brief guide, there is much more history, information and rules regarding the AFL*

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