I Am Jackie The Happy Sissy And This Is My Blog

I have been writing a blog for a couple of years now aimed at sissies and women who find themselves in relationships with sissies. It seemed to me that there was room for a blog of this type that was not focused on explicit or pornographic content but instead related to everyday life and experiences.

Growth was slow at first but has exploded over the last year. I now get over ten thousand views a month and the trend is still upwards. I would like to post weekly but in actuality I mostly only get a couple of posts a month done. I tried publishing shorter posts more often but it seems I just can't help myself. Once I get started writing on a subject I tend to write a lot. Many of my posts are multi-part series related to a specific subject.

My goal for my blog is reflected in the title, "Jackie the Happy Sissy." I am happy to be a sissy in a relationship with a wife that supports and directs my life in many ways. I want to help other sissies and women involved with sissies to be happy as well. My dream for my blog is that it will actually help spread female empowerment and feminization ideas into society at large because I believe that a feminized and feminine-led world would be a better place.

My goal for this EP group are more, shall we say... unformed. It could be a place to discuss the writings in my blog. Or maybe a place for sissies to post stories of their sissy life and maybe give me ideas for further blog posts. Maybe even a place for women that discover that their husband, boyfriends, etc. is a sissy to find comfort and advice. I am just beginning to explore the possibilities. Any ideas or comments will be greatly appreciated!

My blog address is http://thehappysissy.blogspot.com/ and I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. Join the sissy adventure and be happy!

Jackie (the Happy Sissy!)
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

Thank you for the link and I will begin to explore more!

My pleasure! I hope you like what you find.

Nice to see you here JHS! I've always enjoyed reading your blog.

Thanks so much! It is overdue for a new entry but I am working on one now. Keep a pretty sissy eye out for it!

I am a member of your blog and just love it. I am wanting so bad to include being a sissy in my relationship!

Thanks so much! Hopefully you will get a chance to be a sissy in a relationship soon. Are you married now?

I am married but my wife is VERY vanilla and wants to have nothing to do with my cross dressing and wanting the sissy lifestyle.