In&out-true Story

So one day after our last soccer game my team decided to go out and get dinner. Well we all decided to go to an In&out. We really dont have one near us but its an basic burger place and everyone likes burgers. Their menu only has like 6 things: burgers, drinks, shakes, fries, and grilled cheese. Well when i go there i get a 2x2 which is 2 patties with cheese and lettuce Ex.. and can usually eat it in like 10 minutes. Well this other guy i know on the team who around 210-220lbs walks up and orders a 4x4 which i imagine you can figure out what is is(or go look it up) animal style. The burger is around 1400 calories. It's a pretty big burger and my other friend #2 gets the same thing and challenges friend #1 to an eating contest to see who can eat the 4x4 the fastest. So it starts and after a minute friend #2 quits because its jut too much. the amazing thing is friend #1 finishes in around 3-4 minutes. Thats really fast. He then finished a shake and fries in the next 10 minutes and overheard him saying later if he really wanted to he could have had another plain cheeseburger if he had more money( and our bus driver allowed food on the bus). Well I know friend #1 use to play football but quit that last year so now he only plays soccer(and even that i wouldn't consider him playing). I would have liked to become good friends with him but hes and alcoholic and uses tons of drugs= he has bad grades and i don't want to get mixed up in that kinda stuff. But ill always remember that story and hopefully in the future ill be able to do it faster.
Wtgbiiger2 Wtgbiiger2
22-25, M
Dec 1, 2012