I Love Beavus and Buthead

But I avoid conflict, I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, and that's the beauty of life. Though I don't always agree with everyone, I don't think confronting them would do any good.

I do love to debate and discuss the differences, but I don't like to fight.

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4 Responses Mar 17, 2009

@ DrewBerry: sometimes people make it hard to debate, they just want to argue.<br />
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@ Lacey: thank you for the comment, I strongly agree with you

i find it a real struggle balancing the need to have those 'difficult conversations' with ppl vs. actual 'conflict' with them. I've been a manager for years and often had to work with people through performance issues. It was my job to 'confront' them with their areas for improvement. I always got the biggest pit in my stomach, but eventually decided that I was actually doing them a dis-service by not helping them to do better. I was always respectful to them, their circumstances.. but I still had the same message to deliver.. it was all in the way the message was relayed.<br />
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Good post LadyVoldemort..<br />
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~ signed Herimone Granger ~

Well spoken, my words exactly.

There you go with your last line.. sometimes we have to discuss, but not with the fighting. <br />
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~ it's about respect / not necessarily being right ~