Black Holes I Try to Avoid

Negative people usually want to make everyone around them just as negative. It's not good enough that they are upset... they have to make everyone within earshot just as upset. From my experience they always have to complain and see only the bad things that happen... as the positive things aren't big enough to be noticed. Also they have no control of anything and are victims of life. It annoys to no end when I try to help and they just want to shoot every thought down as nothing can help them!

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Please do not complain , about some who complains..because he is making you like him..yep..he made you complain too..omg ;))

A guy that I was seeing was extremely negative. We broke up because he was always complaining about work and life. When I said enough he would keep calling to complain! I know what you mean about being sucked in! They are like black holes!

I agree - I don't know much, but I truly believe that if you emit all negative words, feelings, etc. this is what will come back to them. They do emit this and it really almost poisons you -- yeah, I have one friend that is severely negative. I avoid her - it's sad, but I've been sucked in so many times.

Many times it is people not wanting or willing to look for something positive in what is going on. My professor today said "Even when the glass is full, it is empty in my eyes!" This is a person who is not usually happy when in class and is ALWAYS complaining about his wife, mother in law and everyone else he comes in contact with. That is his choice... MY CHOICE is to be happy AND avoid negative people. I really don't need to know why one is where they are... I want to help with what are they going to do to fix it?<br />
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One of my bosses quoted some coach... If one can see the obstacles there eyes were not on the target! I agree with that!

no negativety for me

you mean negative peope want you to understand why they are upset <br />
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you mean there are people who do everything they can in life and still end up the victim of bad luck, professonal screw ups and a whole host of other things