No Offense, But I Want to Stay In the Light!

This is not about those who have a negative period, from time to time. We all have our bad days, including me. ;-)

No, this is a story about those who choose to be negative, all the time, 24-7.... and they want everyone to be negative along with them and they hate anything that's positive, with a passion! I admit, in the darkest years of my depression, I was VERY negative about everything. But, I didn't want others along with me, in that dark pit... I was looking for someone to help me out of it! I did not enjoy being miserable all the time and I wanted to be happy!

So, now I am! And this is my first year, since age 11, that my life is negative-free. Not totally, as it wouldn't be healthy to be positive ALL the time. But, I have a normal level of negativity, on my bad moments, just like everyone else. :-)

I refuse to let another pull me back into that dark pit again! And a negative person will do that, if you let them! So, I rather avoid them altogether, to keep my peace of mind. And this is not all the way selfish either, as many of my friends and family depend on me to not fall back into that dark pit again! It's not fair to them, if I should choose to go back there, and drain them with constant negativity. I should strive to be my best for me, but also for them too, because I love them. :-D


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2 Responses Mar 12, 2009

how cool great read have to ask you dont feel like sharing what it is exactly you were able to do or was it literally avoiding all negative people? I am interested as I am nice to everyone and then get caught up in a black whole.

Your so right, stay away from those that can take you back to the pit, and it is exciting to hear of someone that made it out of the pit.