Say Good Bye To The Negative Cause You Don't Need It

I have had a good amount of negative people come into my life and Ill be honest its just not worth keeping them around because if you do then you will just keep going deeper deeper and deeper into the dark path that negative people will take you on. Instead of punishing yourself if you feel you are being treated disrespectfully well then its time for you to remove yourself from the scene and put yourself into a positive one. Negative people are so insecure of themselves so in order to make themselves feel better they are going to go after the people that do wanna accomplish something and sometimes people will let negative people step all over of them. Well today Im here to tell you that you don't need these negative people you have surrounding you to crush the goals you wanna accomplish instead you hold your head high and you remove yourself and as hard as it is if the negative person is a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend or someone who is close to you still remove yourself because you dont deserve the putdown just because things are going bad in their life. If things are so bad in their life suggest them to get help but do not let them walk all over you because if you let them do it once its just going to keep on going so stick up for yourself cause life is too short be sad because someone isnt happy with their life. So if you ever find yourself dealing with a negative person remember you deserve respect not disrespect and that its a sign to say goodbye and move on with your life. 

Liz5589 Liz5589
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 16, 2010

I agree. I try to avoid them also.