Sometimes You Have To Learn To Hold A Shield!

Toxic People are everywhere...hell I work in the Twilight Zone filled with them first of all. Sometimes my husband can be a real toxic type personality other times he's ok.

The only way to truly avoid Toxic types yes IF YOU CAN stay clear of them do so otherwise it's like tuning out the environment around you. This is where you hold the proverbial shield. Some are just obstacles to get around.
Their energy can be quite draining......therefore I find the time for walks and when I do get back to my exercising some yoga and pilates helps relax you.

One must learn to take care of themselves, and try to avoid the toxic ones for they are the same DRAMA TRIVING IDIOTS that interfere in our harmony.

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3 Responses Dec 16, 2012

very true...I have to do that in my life.

I totally agree with you

good post .. and good advice