A Journey That Took Almost A Life Time.

Waiting, looking, for the signs since a child, i was lost in this three dimensional world.

I felt different to most they did not understand me, but along the way i found like minded souls who resonated with my thoughts my feelings be them few but we clung together with a vow never to forget each other.

Becoming a mother i spent my life teaching my children the ways of this world and of the one i had fond memories of, they grew to know that life just didn't exist on this Earth and that they had families on many planets.

We had all been connected via different time lines and still do, our multi dimentional selves were contacting each other for the big awakening.

The higher dimensions are singing i heard there songs we are being united once again this is a glorious time to be here on Earth now.

Do not face your life with fear this is the control system which has been put in place, let your heart sing and be what you all are and that is

multidimentional energies of divine sparks.
Dimensionaleap Dimensionaleap
51-55, F
May 6, 2011