Presentation Of This New Group

Hi and welcome!
We created this new group with the purpose of getting all lightworkers togherter to work for common goals.

The first thing that we propose to do is to put our energy togheter in meditation.
Each week we will post a different subject, and togheter we will put our focus on this subject while meditating.

It is something that you can do when you want, at your own pace, with no obligation at all.

To give you an example, this week, since it will soon be earth's day (22 april, and all the other days!) we propose to focus our meditation on our beautiful planet.
don't we Love our beautiful planet, I for one am truely in love with her!

How to do it??
very simple every person can do it in its own way, but here are some suggestions:

meditate and visualize a healty planet with no war, no pollution...
meditate and send love to all the planet.

calm your mind... visualize the earth ball... you are sitting on top of the ball...
feel love comming to you from the spiritual realms...
let all this immense love flow through you and then englobe all the globe...
be grateful to live on such a beautiful planet!

All your thoughts and suggestions will be welcome to make this group become better! now we start with meditation but if you have other ideas about what we could do togheter feel free to suggest!

also it would be great to post stories about what you felt during doing this exercice!

thank you all very much
with love!
Sealotus Sealotus 31-35, F 7 Responses Apr 14, 2012

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me too how do we help? Maybe we all need the same support

does anyone else have any earth day experiences from activities or meditations from this past week they want to share?

Hello all, well the best answer I received from my question ' What does Earth Day mean to you'? was, and I quote Not a thing. Now, I might consider taking it seriously after we recognize Save Our Children From Being Abused Day. Doubtful kids that are beaten, starved and neglected care about their future or the rain forests. unquote... abused children, abused women. drug/alcohol addiction the list goes on and on and on. The long awaited 'Shift' is well underway, and we are a part of it.

Its a bit sad what you said... I think earth's day must include all the things you stated cause its all part of the earth... its just symbolical... example in my community, the city gives away up to 5 trees per person, to encourage to plant trees... me I think such gest have a certain importance...

I agree with Venus, cause Healing the Earth actually heals humanity. like the more energy that people, as a whole, put into saving the planet will come back to us three fold. And maybe it would be a good idea to dedicate a week to those in suffering.. i know it's a bit broad, but they could all use our love energy : )

I did meditate for the earth in the forest near my home, sitting on a rock it felt very great, felt great connection to the earth!

I'm in! :-)

I love the entire planet but I'm focusing on our trees and bees...ok?? :D ♥♥♥

we can keep trees and bees for another week if you want lol!

OK...entire planet this week then! lol ♥

luv ya

This is a great idea and I'm excited to be a part of it, I hope more lightworkers will join.

Great! your ideas are welcome sis!

Thank you, I'm excited to meet more people like us and see what we can come up with.