What Do We Do Next Folks??

Hi please add your suggestions on what we should meditate or concentrate our energy on next..
What do you think?
post your ideas

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There are more than 1,000 studies that PROVE that if people get together an meditate (not meditate ON anything, but just meditate) and do that twice a day, that we can have peace on earth, an end to crime & violence, most illnesses including psychiatric disorders, a reduction in traffic accidents, house fires, and all social ills. While the social ills are going away, the social benefits replace them. Patent applications increase (showing growing creativity) along with new gallery openings and other forms of art. There is an increase in business openings (showing increased abundance), as well as increased social activities like street fairs and the that bring people together in a constructive and happy way.

The evidence suggest that when people meditate together, they act like speakers, so that the benefit is equal to the square of the number of meditators. (2 meditators = power of 4. 3 = power of 9).

We are not in the same location, so we can't join together, but what if we agreed on a time each day to first focus in on this group for a minute or two, then go into simple meditation. Not meditating ON something. Just becoming one with source for 10 minutes. It has been shown that time does not work the way we have been taught, so perhaps we can be as effective even if we are not together in space, but are in time.

My time zone is EST. I'm up by 4 and gone for the night at 8. Any time in between is OK with me if anyone is interested.

Meditation is how we can pull the rug out from under the power structure that most of us are inadvertently willfully enslaved to. It's a peaceful way to make the military industrial complex obsolete.

If we all learn how to manifest our reality according to our conscious desires, we will be ready for the time when the economy collapses because of our efforts. what do you think?

Evidence shows that if the square root of one percent of a region's population meditates together, that social ills decrease by 16 - 24%. That's powerful!

ok since its your idea I suggest that you pick the hour that you want, I suggest to write a story about it in this group... I may not always have the time to participate but If I can I am interest to participate when I have the time cause I am very busy

wow amazing! personnaly I think that distance does not matter... I can already feel strong energy from this group..

Since Venus' fascinating post on Water I think it should be next since its a part of everything! :D ♥

right now from all the comments I got, what comes out the most, is first to clear the blocages in us cause everything else depens on that.. what do you think?

why don't we start with the water and work our way through all the suggestions.

I would add animals to the list

what do you think of a fun one what about the dancing meditation?

Some ideas I got for subjects:

water (meditate for clear water, in us and in all the earth)

trees and bees ( smokey dawn's suggestion)

meditate on brigning clarity and understanding to the people of earth

Jim suggested that we put all togheter our energy to help shield with energy a specific person,

me I would be happy to participate, but would like to know more about the person to be able to connect to her

(In the story "presentation of this new group" jimditty posted a comment about it and links to understand what an energy shield is and how to do it)

I don't know how to post a ep link so I sugest that you go see his comments.