Openings And Clarity, Enlightement

From the comments and feedback I get from people, I think the most important thing that we should do now is like shawn stated "meditate on creating "openings" for the light to penetrate through the darkness to reach ALL lightworkers"

maybe I'll update this story with more details later....

Ok details...

to What must we open to??

What is enlightement?

Its the realization that all that we are is energy..

we are beings of pure energy....

all our thoughts our acts, our emotions, make waves in the energy field that is us and that surronds us

There is a similar energy field, in you, in the earth, in the sun, in the galaxy and in atoms...

The general form of the energy field is similar to the magnetic field of the earth it is a form called torus

this is a torus

It is a form ever in motion, stabilizing itself and it also has the property to absorb the energy from the outer environement.

This form can be found in the magnetic field of the earth, sun, galaxies, and in the magnetic field surrounding a human and a tree and a atom... and more..
its the basic form of energy in the universe. there are other form within this one, lines and meridians...

So now we must connect to this energetical part of us.
To do that we must open our heart cause it is the energetical center of our being...

When your energy is well centered and balanced you can resonate with the energy of the universe.
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I found that a short cut to finding one's center is to find the now. In other words, when I am thinking about things, I am either living in the past or the future. When I find THIS moment, past and future fade away and there is only peace and safety and the joy that is the living (self-aware) energy.

Finding one's center becomes very easy with practice so that one can dip in and out of the energy field at will. Meditation helps make centering a habit.

How different life looks than the one that I was taught to believe in. Isn't life WONDERFUL?

I'm so glad to see so many awakened ones appearing in the world.

so true! it might be the most simple way to be centered!! thank you! life is indeed so wonderful! I think we live in such interesting times!

singing an old sunday school song...this little light of mine... i'm going to let it shine... hide it under a bush.. oh no... i'm going to let it shine.... Bright! *smile*...oh.. with alittle help from my friends!

first time I hear this little song! nice!