Help I Dont Know How To Deal With My Sister In Law

My fiance's brother, lets call him Fred is married to a woman ( i will call Mary) who makes life difficult for everyone and I'm not sure how to deal with her effectively. When I first met Mary we got on well enough. she had been married to Fred for two years before i met my Fiance.
Mary and Fred live about 5 hrs away from my Fiances family and he very rarely visited them. After we got together we started to go up to visit Fred and Mary every couple of months when they invited us up there to attend birthday party's, easter, xmas and other family things. Recently we were unable to attend her sons birthday party as I had to work.
She had Fred call my Fiance and carried on and on about me not getting time off work and how disrespectful this was and how we were no longer welcome in their house.
I had just started a new job 3 weeks previously, i did ask my boss for the day off but he said no so i went to work and not to the party.
She has since started saying all sorts of nasty things to my fianxe's family about me that are not only completely untrue but also quite odd. For example she told his mother that i thought i had been abucted by aliens and was pregnant by them . i m not pregnant nor do i think i was abuducted by aliens.
We are getting married quite soon and after what she said about me to my own sister via facebook im very worried about whats going to happen at my wedding.
My fiances family just kinda shake their heads and ignore her, or get upset and tell us about it rather then confronting her.
Im not sure how to make her behave for my wedding, if she tells people these sort of nasty things at my wedding she is most likely going to end up with a punch in the mouth as my family wont put up with her bad mouthing me.
Any advise on how to tell her to behave properly for the wedding would be most welcome.
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Just ignore the crazy cat lady she is just jealous of what you have... My sister in law is the exact same thing as yours.