Sexy Speedos

I love guys who wear speedos ........ I love seeing the outline of their **** through that thin stretchy fabric .... I want to reach out my hand and touch it, run my fingers down it's length, watch it grow. I love to rub my tongue on it through the fabric - makes me very wet just thinking about it.
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3 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Unfortunately, not all guys "fill out" a Speedo even if they are willing to wear one. The "showers" will present an outline that is exciting to observe, while the "growers" may have little to show, perhaps a nub pocking out straight in front but gives little indication of what their erection might be like. Do women still find a "grower" in Speedos exciting to observe?

I don't wear speedos, but I do wear tight spandex trunks for length swimming. When I go to the pool in the morning, I wear my tight, tight spandex trunks and a pair of nylon shorts over top. It's all I can do to keep my hands off myself in the car. It might be one of my favourite parts or swimming.

I'm afraid I'll either be arrested or so distracted that I'll crash the car. But a little tweak at traffic lights, that's ok. And maybe a little rub here and there...

well id wear speedos if you were there!!!