I Love Babies

I love BABIES, I never had any of my own till I was forty, and that was cool, it was the right time for me to become a dad.

I love them, I love the way that they smell, the way that they make you feel, I have changed them, feed them, bathed them, held them, watched them as they have slept, cuddled them, put them to bed, burped them, made them laugh and giggle, seen them sneeze, known when they needed changing, watched them crawl, watched them stand, watched them walk, seen them with their big sister, seen them with their mummy, seen them born, cut their umbilical cords, seen them while they were still inside their mummy, seen them still covered with the signs of their birth, heard their first signs of life, helped make them, I have seen them feed themselves, being breast feed, watched them being bathed, watched them being feed, watched them being changed, watched them being burped, watched playing, I have wheeled them in their prams, carried them as they slept, driven them in my car, played with them, tickled them,


More BABIES please., my PRINCESS 
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Magic! It is incredible the way they make you feel, total awwwwwwe. : )

I'm glad you had those moments and appreciate them. : )