Scared && Wierd. Help!

So i had a dream that i was babysitting a 3day old baby. When I went to take the baby a bath, the baby started talking to me in a demonic way, and had very strong strength. I decided I could not babysit the baby anymore so took the baby back to the parent. Then my dream automatically jumped to me at the doctors cause i felt sick. The doctor came back and told me I was pregnant, and I explained that it was not possible. I told them that even if i was i had harmed the baby because (my bday 9/24) I had drank lots, and lots of alcohol. The doctor came back and now mentioned that it was twins. Next scene i am giving birth when all i see is both my daughters eyes bleeding like a virgin mary statue would. Then i woke up.
22-25, F
Sep 24, 2012