When I was a teenager my Sister had two baby doll nighties, both vintage, nylon (I would guess) that had plenty of layers and were ruffled along the hems...they were so gorgous and sexy and I wanted to be able to wear them. Luckily my Sister knew all about me dressing in her clothes and although by this time she had stopped dressing me for fun, she knew that I was stealing her panties and clothes whenever I got the chance - occasionally I would find her searching my room for those "special" panties that she wanted to wear and I had probably hidden for my use!

Anyway, everytime I saw her in these nighties I almost flipped with desire and she knew this so one day at breakfast whilst everyone was busy getting ready and she and I were at the table she looked at me amused as my eyes must have been almost trying to suck in the view of her in one of the nighties. She had let her dressing gown fall open and although she was my sister the sight of her breasts against the material, not obvious but not invisible either, was making me wish that I was her and that that was my body openly wearing this fantastic nightie. She leaned over and asked me in a very quiet voice whether I wanted to wear it and i nodded, scared that we were being over heard. She smiled and whispered "on the chair in my bedroom tonight" and then preceeded to eat her breakfast.

All day long I was excited, and everytime I thought of the nightie I found it hard to concentrate at school. That evening I desperately wanted to check with her that I was not dreaming at breakfast or that it wasn't a wind-up but there was always too many people around. She never indicated either that the deal had been struck and my heart sank.

At bedtime I brushed my teeth and past by her room, I could quite clearly see the chair she had mentioned but there was nothing on it..I was gutted. I got ready for bed and just before I turned the light off I heard her on the stairs outside and she popped her head in and said - "remember to pop by later" and grinned.

I lay there scared and confused, my heart beating, the time slid slowly by as I heard her go to bed and my folks settle downstairs for the night. I got up and pretending to go to the toilet I passed by her room. The peach nightie was on her chair...I was elated and scared and pushed the door open further and stepped in, scared that my folks might come up at any moment. I walked to the chair and looked down. Th nightie was there as were the matching panties, I glanced across at her bed and she was watching me. I started to say something but saw the piece of paper tucked into the material, with just one word on them "Enjoy!".

I nodded my thanks to her and picking them up retreated out of the room and into mine. At first I just hid them under the covers whilst I waited to see if my moving about had attracted any attention from downstairs..it hadn't. With my heart in my mouth and my **** stiff and on fire I shed my pyjamas and whilst naked with a most proud penis, I slipped on the peach panties. I almost fainted with desire as I then put on the nightie itself, still smelling faintly of my Sister's perfume and then scared of anyone coming into the room, jumped under the covers.

Gosh how great did it feel wearing that nightie and panties the material against my skin was devine. I soon had to move my hand to my stiff penis as I thought I was going to explode and it was the first of a number of times that I had to do that that night.

The next morning I managed to hid the nightie back in her washing basket and went down to breakfast where all the family were eating. "you look tired" she announced to me in front of the family "I think you must have had a bad night", and she grinned. I think I blushed and said nothing..
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What a nice sister. I most certainly do not get along well enough with my sisters to have had something like that happen. Especially when we were younger though.

she is lovely :-)

My sister had a couple of nighties like that too. And lucky for me, she hated nylon.

I hope you enjoyed them?

I did then and still do now. Not the same ones of course.