What a Night

I had my two little ones ages 2 & 4 (g/b)  and then came two more ages 6 & 7 (g/b). They brought pizza and drinks with them, which was nice, and sat right down to eat. The little girl came with medicine because she was sick, something I think they should have mentioned, but it was all good. I let them eat and play a bit before pulling out the glue, construction paper, markers/crayons and scissors. The boys did a little arts n crafts but mostly it was a girl thing. I wish we'd had a camera for the stuff we made because it came out so cute!

I taught her how to weave the paper and then we made it the front of a construction paper purse complete with a yarn strap. :)

We also made cards for her parents for V day and then I cut out a vase, stems, leaves, assorted flowers for her to piece together, and she made an adorable vase. I added a magnet to the back and now it can go on the refrigerator. I always pick up those magnets restaurants offer and use them for crafts. :)

Anyways, we finally finished and got all cleaned up and the kids seems way too antsy. Must have been the stupid sugar filled drink the parents brought. Needless to say we started to play Karate but that quickly got out of hand so I pulled plastic bottles from our recycle bin and washed them well. I stood them up at the end of the hall and we bowled for about an hour. Whomever was rolling it got to be the pin setter for the next person so we had an organized system. I even joined in and we were all grunting and growing like football players with each roll. It was fun and kept them busy until quite time came around 10:30.

Got them all settled, girls in one room watching some princess movie and boys in the other with Shrek. Parents showed up close to midnight and I made about $70 so it was worth it! Needless to say, I cleaned up and passed out on the phone with MnM (hhmm what's new right).

I so love kids!

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

You are so funny and VERY daring!!! I think I would have pulled my hair out

you drop them at my house and the teen might eat them