Yet Again

We got home from the game and did a quick change and clean up just in time for the kids to arrive. The professor had a meeting so we were asked to babysit. He brought over pizza and the kids just hung out, watched movies and we played Candyland. They were only planning on being out for about three hours when I got the call... "Do you mind if we stay a bit longer"... sure, why not, I'm not sleepy or anything.

The teen was home with two of her friends as well and I called on her every so often for an additional hand with my four little ones. Finally got my two down for bed and one of the others passed out on the  couch but as midnight approached my eyes began to close so the teen and her gang came out and hung out with the little boy and I passed out. I'm not sure what time they finally came but I heard my daughter mumble something about the money he paid being some where... I was so SO tired. Anyways, nice to make a little cash that you don't have to claim some place.

Oh and he's working on a business deal and keeps saying "if I get this I pay you triple" I laughed and said "and your wife will pop you in the back of the head". They really REALLY keep stressing wanting to spend time with me and the kids outside of school and work. I mentioned a park and he said the beach? Not sure what all that's about  but maybe one day.



Just found out that not only did they leave me $75 but they said they'd bring more when we watch them on Monday!!! YES!

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Originally it was... he asked for more time and then took almost my whole night. Better be some serious cash in there! LMAO