I'm the Babysitter

In my family I'm the babysitter.  I should probably try and put a positive spin on it (like they TRUST me) but I don't feel very positive now. I feel cheated and used. When I raised my children I worked and paid a large percentage towards babysitters. When I took any time off I would take my kids with me and never asked my family to watch my kids while I went off and had fun. I stayed home with my kids as my sister (infertile) and her husband traveled and lived a 5-star lifestyle (only the best places for them). After decades of partying they decided to adopt 2 kids but continued their lifestyle using me to babysit (sometimes for more than a week at a time).  I only partly minded because I believed then (but not now) that my time was coming. My children are grown now and I am still the babysitter. My children always seem to need me to babysit for them. If I tell them that I am too tired or that I don't want to they use their kids against me (Don't you want to see your grand kids?). I am ashamed to admit this but they have nothing to do with me until the next call from them needing a babysitter and I usually cave in and watch their kids for them (I do miss my grandchildren). What happen yesterday should make me happy but I can't stop crying when I think of it. My 5th grandchild was born yesterday and I couldn't be there because I was babysitting their other kids. After my son called me to ask me to watch the kids because they were going to the hospital he then called my sister and all the rest of our large family to come to the hospital to share their joyful moment. I begged him to find someone else to watch the kids so I would not miss the birth (they had close to 50 people at the baby shower), and told him that I had made the births of all my other grand kids and didn't want to miss this one. He told me I could come later to see the baby if I wanted. Now MY SISTER has been present at all of MY grandchildren' births. It stings. If this were all I had to complain about I would be a pretty petty person but it is not. On my birthday I didn't not even receive one birthday card. The only phone call I received from any of them was a text message after 9pm from a daughter-in-law! When my mother died I missed her service because one of my sons and his wife were having such a great time on their vacation that they couldn't be bothered to call and let me know that they were not coming back to pick up their kids that morning as promised but would show up until later that evening. (I could go on-and-on but I won't). I am so ashamed that I am so low on my families priority list that I don't even warrant common courtesies. I'm the babysitter.

CoyoteShy CoyoteShy
Mar 24, 2009