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Bachelorette Sex Party

My friend Judy is getting married to her bf, Jeff soon. Her best friend, (The maid of honor) Julie arranged a bachelorette party at a ***** club last night. I was a little worried; this was going to be only my second time I have been to a ***** club. I was glad Jenny was coming along. She seems to put me at ease. It could have been the glasses of white wine too before we called a cab.
Jenny and I took a taxi to Mississauga. The driver gave us a look when we gave him the address. I think he must of recognized the address for a place where horny women go. I think the place was the Hot Bods Club. Anyways we made it and meet up with Mary and her friends. We were all in our 20's . Mary was the first of the group to be getting married.
Mary and Julie were friends back to high school. They were both a little wild in high school. I think Julie was trying to loosen up Mary because she was buying her shooters.
When we arrived at the bachelorette party our group party was off the main stage in a private room.
We walked by the stage and there was a nice fit guy with his shirt off. Nice six pack, Jenny remarked as she walked by. The place was not very busy.
Various guys made the rounds on our mini stage and I could tell all the women were loosening up after a few drinks.
I took a washroom break and by the time I got back to the room a black male striper was naked in front of Mary and was waving his **** around. He had her in the center of the room sitting on a chair. He was boucing his **** and rubbing it on her arm, then he went around back of her. It's was not fully hard yet. It had a nice curve to it and I could see he had a foreskin hood. Because ever so often he would stroke it and his **** head would come out.
He was really trying to get Mary to touch it but she resisted the temptation. Julie was not as shy and egged, the ******** on. He was rubbing it on Mary. It was making me wet watching it. He was so big and thick too. After a bit of dancing around Mary, she got pressured into grabbing it and stroked it a few times. I could see she was too nervous to do more with me standing there with my cell phone camera.

Mary returned to her regular seat along the edge of the stage. Big Bob made the rounds and stopped at Julie. I could see Julie was ready for more. She looked up at Big Bob and smiled with a devilish smile. She reached out and grabbed Big Bob’s **** and pulled him in. She stroked him hard and then I could not believe it she licked the tip of his ****. Then she rubbed it around her month. The rest of the women yelled out “SUCK HIM”. Then Julie pulled him into her month about half way down.
The girls where chanting “SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK, SUCK SUCK, SUCK, SUCK” After about a minute or so she came up for air and released Bob’s ****. I think she wanted to make him cummm. I think big Bob probably pulled out fearing he was going to cummm right there, and he was only half finished the show.

Big Bob made the rounds. Everybody after that, stroked his manhood a few times and giggled.
He came around to me. He was waving it up and down and side to side.
Should I?
Should I grab it?
Everyone else did!
He was just about to give up on me and I grabbed it. His **** was big. My hand would not fit around his shaft. Ahh! He exclaimed and the girls reacted. “Stroke it, stroke it, stroke it, stroke it, stroke it……. So I started to stroke it. It was so black. I’ve only been with white men and theirs are well, white. This one had a flared head when I pulled back his foreskin. In out in out in out, I stroked it.
He’s so big. The girls are chanting ““SUCK HIM”, “SUCK HIM”. “SUCK HIM”.
Should I?
Bob has a **** ring on and it really pronounced how long his **** was.
Should I? Ahhh, it’s so big. Can I get it in my mouth?
Should I???
I look up at Bob and he’s looking right down at me and smiling. I think Bob likes little blonde white girls?
He’s super hard now.
You can see all his bulging veins in his ****.
He could really service me well?
The girls are chanting ““SUCK HIM”, “SUCK HIM”. “SUCK HIM”.
I look around and Jenny gives me a slow NO nod.
NO?, I question with my eyes and Jenny continues her NO nod.
I release my grip, and Bob is surprised, but quickly moves on to the next bench of Mary’s friends.

The girls are chanting “STROKE HIM” again and one of Mary’s friends takes the suggestion.
Then they start chanting “SUCK HIM, SUCK HIM, SUCK HIM…….”
She takes Bob into her mouth. I can see Bob loves this. He’s face ******* her.
OMG my ***** is so wet right now!
He must be around 8 inches. And he is fully stroking into Mary’s friend mouth. She’s taking him all in.
He pulls out and you can tell Mary’s friend is disappointed she did not make him cummm.

Bob makes the rounds over to a few of Mary’s conservative friends. You can see they were very interested but were a little more conservative and did not grab Bob’s ****.

 I think Bob thought this was a challenge and did everything to seduce Mary’s friend in a tight pink sweater dress. She was a very sexy looking brunette with her legs cross. I’ll bet her ***** was wet now! I knew she liked Bob’s **** because her nipples could be clearly seen poking at attention. I think Bob knew that too and tried a lot of moves to get her to grab him.
She smiled and just looked.
Bob gave up and moved on. One song later the show was over.
The music and noise died down a bit and I asked Jenny why she gave me the NO nod? “Do you know where that **** has been?” Ahhh good point. Jenny was so street smart. I am glad I have her as a friend.
I ended up talking to Joan (Mary’s friend in the pink dress). She works for one of the banks. This was her first time in a ***** joint. I asked her what she thinks about it all. She was surprised we were allowed to touch the Bob’s ****. Jenny piped up and said that was because Julie arranged this on the side to be a private room and paid Bob extra. Normally there is a no touch policy.
We said our good byes and Jenny and I called a cab.
I needed to get home and Jill one out. Mmmmm, Bob!
suzannighttime suzannighttime 22-25, F 49 Responses Jul 26, 2013

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thanks for sharing so much of the fun and heat of this girls' nite out... like someone said earlier, at times it really felt like i was there... but i think ud have been ok doin' more with bob... when i worked in van city a while back, the strippers, escorts and 'working girls' were all licensed and tested weekly per federal law, which would surely also apply to men...

Great story Thank you 4 sharing


What a great night out for you and your friends. Too bad you did stop with Bob, but Jenny, might be right.
Thanks for sharing photos also.

Bare Hugs

I wish that I still had all of those kind of pictures from my days stripping. I loved doing private parties where the girls could do whatever they wanted to do. I still have the memories though.

Did your BF get some benefit from that exciting experience?


but 2 days later

Nice party...

Sounds like a fun night

What a great time! Thanks for sharing.

What an incredibly hot story! Are you disappointed now that you didn't partake in the action? The male ******** probably wanted you more than anyone!

I did get to watch
Memories that night where fresh on my phone

Fantastic pictures and great story to go with them!

Lucky Bob! He got paid for that? That's something I would have done for free.

I guess he does.

Great story, I love watching the videos of these parties:)

Wow, I'm not gay, but that is a great looking ****.

There where a few that though so

Great story. And you're a Canadian girl!
I'm in the GTA as well. Small world....unless you're bob ;)

Where do you live?

Halton Hills

Love it!!

Cool story, it sounds like it is true ? Just keep you a good hung and well built White Man. Skin color does not determine the size of a ****.

Check out my **** survey story

Lots of fun..YAY....!!

What a wonderful night you all had, I live in Australia, and have never even met a black man, let alone been lucky enough to fondle him. I have heard how big they are, and would love to find out for myself, if it was true.

Check out my I love **** survey story

Thanks Suzann, I will read it right now.

****** hot baby :*

What a great time! I used to work security and got picked up for some shows for male strippers.... some of the craziest nights of my life!

Next time we can go together. But I want to see naked *****.

And how did you get away with taking those pics? Most ***** clubs have a no pictures rule

Very smart listening to your never know where those strippers have been

How were you able to upload the pictures aren't they against the rules?

I think I must have been horny and just pushed upload button

That's hot Sue. You should have sucked his big black **** and fingered your ***** at the same time. It would have given the entire room something to remember.

Don\'t worry, others filled that position.


Bet you really would have loved having that big thick **** in your pretty mouth

Fantastic story, so natural and candid. Like most any guy, would have lived to be there watching all you lovely ladies getting worked up. I am sure it was a smart/safe move, not to suck him, but my god, if my wife had been there, I would have chorused with the rest. Thanks for your stories. I have enjoyed reading them.

Rated up for the 2nd time! :-)

EP says +1 under your name.

EP is wrong .... again! They, or you, reposted this story & I\'ve uprated it both times, & again today. EP can\'t count!

I would have thought the story was a fantasy except for the pictures. Also, if it were a fantasy some little blonde white girl would have gotten ****** with his black ****. Very hot story and I really liked the NMCF aspect of it. (Don't worry. I'll rate up your story).

Nice very nice would have been fun to be bob

If you like the story rate it up.

Wow, you were allowed to touch, even suck on the ********'s ****? I've never been to a place like that. (Maybe I should! )

I think it was because we were in a private room.
It was only my second time at a ***** club.
If you like the story rate it up.