I Got Sexually Assaulted, Sexually Abused And Raped By Two Male Doctors At The River Falls Hospital In Wisconsin.

this happen in 6,21,2010 i was 19 years old and my first pregnancy. dr.kevin hallman and gregory miller was my two male doctors at the river falls hospital in wisconsin and dr.miller sexually assaulted me by forcing his hand up my vagina so fast and hard he hurt me and cut off my breathing for a couple secounds while i was in labor with my baby son. i told him no i did not want him checking me to see how far dialated i was but he kept herrassing me and i finally said ok as long as your carefull and my crotch and vagina was very swallon and sore from being pregnant. it was bad i did not no he was going to hurt me.


after he hurt me i cried and shook the side railing of the bed. because i closed my legs and rolled over to cry he was half way up there and he took his hands out and he had to try it again so i let him and this time he was a little more slower and gentler. but when he took his hand out he went fast and it hurt me a little. i regret going to the hospital for a ob check up. i was one week in early labor.

i wanted a c-section because i was to scared to have a vaginal birth so i asked to speak to some one about the operating room so i knew what was going on but the nurse refused to go get me some one to talk to so i had no idea what they were going to do to me. i waited for hours in my hospital room waiting to get the c-section done i was having contractions so finally after hours of waiting in scared pain they took me in the operating room for a c-section while i was waiting in the operating room for the doctor to come once he did dr.hallman came in and aggressively wipped my blue sheet that was covering my naked body off of me while i only had a front gown covering my breast. dr.hallman sexually assaulted me and sexually abused me. i told him prior to the operating to make sure i am kept covered and no nudity but ofcourse he didn't listen. i was screaming and crying to have them cover me back up but they didn't listen i was uncovered for about three minutes and then once the blue sheet was covering my face for the cutting dr.hallman raped me and poped my cherry i found out my cherry was poped when i was 20 years old a year later.

the hospital took my baby away and put him in foster care and dr.miller fialled a false report against me saying i was physically aggressive and so a cop and a social worker put me in a psych ward. i was locked up for three months and i did not get proper pressentation from my attorny she didn't put up much of a fight for me to go home free. PLEASE IF YOU ARE A ATTORNY OR POLICE OFFICER HELP ME PUT THOUGHS PIGS IN JAIL AND PRISON AND SUE THOUGHS PIGS FOR HURTING ME AND MY BABY!!! contact me. my son is now three years old and i amtrying to find him and his father Daniel Lester who lives in MN OR WI and i have not seen my son in two years.
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Stay Strong Apple. It's good you're getting your stories out there. Keep writing and listening to music. Do anything that brings you joy. :)

.....crys nothing will make me happy or bring me joy. i just want to die.

OH. How troubled were you?

what do you mean?

Just I sincerely shared your sufferings. I felt sorry for what had happened to you.


Why the hell were you pregnant in the first place?

well i loved my boyfriend alot and i loved the idea of getting pregnant and having a baby like most women do. my ex boyfriend was ok with having a baby to.

don't be so rude you don't know me or know my situations.

Alright alright calm down, I get your point.

I am so sorry you had to endure that kind of abuse. My heart goes out to you and I wish I could put my arms around you and give you a big, motherly hug.