I Hate My Marriage

i cant believe that i am going through this torture for the last 3 years. i married the worst possible guy and he has made my life miserable. this monster is a pathetic creep who is manipulated by his evil evil mother and sister. he is this remote-controlled bastard who didn't even think about having a baby for the past 3 yrs of our disastrous marriage. about 2 months back when i got pregnant this ****-hole was still obsessing about what is happening at his parental home every second. we live in a different country and he calls up his mother every day to ask about who visited, what they said, what she said. unfortunately i had a miscarriage and this worst person on the planet was more worried about how he will break the sad news to his parents. can people be so disgusting? he is the biggest ever gossip-monger and is just simply evil criticizing people behind their backs. his mother and sister have always bitched about me to him. they are so insecure and selfish that they will happily see us getting divorced if it suits their selfish purposes. he obviously doesn't find anything wrong in their actions. we fight so much and recently it is getting violent.
i knew right after my marriage that he was the worst possible man i could ever live with. i just kept on going to somehow make the marriage work.but i guess no more. i have wasted my life over this creep and i just want to get out of this ****. i have lost faith in all relationships.
shaysta shaysta
Sep 21, 2012