Bad Schoolgirl

It is my freshman year, I was in science class. I had decided that I was going to pull a prank on another girl In my class.
A few weeks earlier my brother thought it would be funny if he gave me a dead squirrel go my birthday.
I kept that squirrel and hung it in my classmates locker so it would swing down and hit her in the face when she opened her locker.
It ended up working and when she opened up her locker she got hit in the face! I didn't think anyone would know it was me who put it in her locker. But when she went running to my science teacher, he asked if anyone knew who did it. A guy in my class named derrick said he saw me put it in there.
My science teacher came marching down the center isle of the room. I thought that I was going to get a referral and get sent to the principles office. But No!! He started dragging me to the front of the room. He asked me if it was true, did I put the squirrel in her locker. I started laughing; then he replied, so you think that is funny. The next thing I knew, I was pulled over his knee and I was getting spanked! After about 4 swats he began to pull down my jeans, I began to scream because it hurt so bad. He started talking about how I deserved to be spanked because of all the trouble I get into. I yelled again, " you bastard, I demand that you let me go." Then he yelled back, " watch your language young lady." And then he took off my underwear. And started spanking me even more. Except this time with a paddle. By the time he had finished with me I was balling, my bottom was beat red, and I had received about 24 swats.
My teacher told me to go visit the principle. When I got to the office the secretary was on the phone with my science teacher. Once she hung up the phone she went to go say something to the principle. When she came out she told me that he is waiting for me.
When I walked into his office. He asked me what happened. I told him that I had only pulled a prank on another girl in my class. He then said, " Mr. Tucton tells me that the girl was terrified and that when he tried to talk about it to you, you just laughed in his face. Is this true?" "Yes sir. It is." Then he said, " he also told me that he thought that the only way to get through to you was to give you a nice hard spanking. I believe he is right, you have been getting in trouble way to much lately and detentions don't seem to b making Anything better. How old are you?" I told him that I was 14. "Well then I will be giving you 38 swats. Would u please remove your pants and panties. I want you to be able to remember this so it will never happen again. Now come and bend over my knee."


He then took out his paddle and proceeded to spank my bare bottom.


"I hope you have learned your lesson. I do not want to see you any time soon, or else u will get twice as many as you just did. Now go back to your class."
When I returned to class everyone was staring at me. I couldn't blame them, my eyes were red and puffy and they all had just seen my bare butt from when my science teacher spanked me.
I knew from that moment that I needed to stay on Mr. Tucton's good side because I did not want to get spanked by him again!
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Did this occur at an old girl school or did boys get to see you get your bare bottom spanked?

did that really happen