I Did In College and I Miss It.

I love ballroom dancing.  I love how choreographed and elegant it is and I like watch it as well.

There was a non-credit once-a-week class at my college and I took the lessons for about two years.  That was about 10 years ago, though, so I barely remember anything!

There were only a couple of boys and they didn't show up regularly.  My partner was a Japanese girl, one of my friends, who was about 5 foot 2 inches in three inch platform boots.  We had tons of fun!  My favorite is the tango.  LOVE the sexy tango!  But the waltz is also very beautiful and of course swing dancing is fun at parties and pretty easy to learn, so it looks cool with all the moves.  I love the music and look of the Latin dances, but my feet don't do that that well.  Once you learn it, though, it's a fabulous feeling!

I'd love to learn to salsa!  that's something that's popular in some clubs but we didn't learn it in our classes in college.  Unfortunately my husband is very shy, otherwise I'd drag him out to a studio for lessons with me!
26-30, F
Jul 3, 2007