It's Such a Pain When...

you are looking for technical information on Google, when the first link is for, and you have to pay for information.  Why should people be able to commercialize on this?  Information should be shared.


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2 Responses Mar 7, 2009

Thanks for the comment Chewmy. If information wasn't meant to be shared, there would be no Wikipedia, or web for that matter. <br />
It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a way to donate to someone giving good info, but that should be up to the individual.

Spot on Ricey,<br />
Expertise in all things should be "free to air". Knowledge should never be allowed to be treated as a commodity.<br />
Just as critical is the common danger of allowing experts or specialists in a subject to direct or control activity ... their role is to provide information to those who are fitted to direct and control ... the generalists. <br />
Teaching is a small example of this: No subject should be taught by a specialist in it but should be drawn in by an expert in teaching when and if needed.<br />
The role of science is to explain how things work not to tell us what will or won't work. <br />
eg, don't tell us a certain remedial method (like homeopathy, or magnet therapy) can't possibly work! Do the research work to explain how it DOES