Band Wives Get No Sympathy

Yes, musician husbands are often gone when the hardships of life occur. My dad had a heart valve replaced Tuesday and my old man is in Europe and doesn't even know about it. Money is really tight, but I was sick of working the 9-5 while he was gone so I started my own business. There's never enough money to follow him around, and at this point I wouldn't even want to try to keep up with him, but it does get frustrating when he is always going to other countries and I am still doing laundry and housework. I wish I had a maid to clean my room and free food and booze at my job, as long as it's not a "band-wich." Like many of the ladies writing, my hubby is a bluesman and the music doesn't get any better than that. It's hard to find friends and family who are sympathetic, though. It's my fault for falling in love with a musician. I can't talk to girlfriends about regular problems because they dismiss my feelings and treat me with disrespect because he's a musician. If he were a truck driver, no problem. If I were a military wife, the red carpet would be laid out. Not so when you love a music man. The people around you see it as "you get what you asked for." I even had one friend say, "Be glad he isn't in Iraq!" Well, he got invited to play in Africa but didn't go - yet. The consensus is that he is going to cheat, leave you, and it isn't a "real job" anyway. There is very little sympathy for a musician's wife. Unfortunately for me, he is far too talented, good-looking and loving for me to toss him aside. He would be devastated if I left him.
lpalmeno lpalmeno
May 25, 2012