Hard Day At The Office

A client asked my company to undertake a new project. I was selected to lead the team. The project had to be done in 24 hours and the team would have to work all night long. My married GF elected to help out. So, we broke in teams of 2 and started working. My GF asked to work on writing the marketing material for the project. That would mean we had to develop the writings. We locked ourselves in her office. She mentioned for me to sit in her chair. I followed the command. She sat on my lap and started typing our thoughts on the project. I started playing with her small, supple and pear shaped ****. She typed faster and moved her *** on my swollen ****. I moved one hand from her **** to her wet *****. She was ready for my **** in that warm, moist hole. But, not until the first draft was done! So, I unbuttoned her shirt and took off her shirt and bra. I than gave her a light message with one hand and played with her **** with the other. She kept working. Once in a while I touched her ****. After 4-5 minutes of this she stopped typing, slipped out of my lap and unzipped my pants. Took off my pants and underwear and then licked my **** - 2 times. She then commanded me back to the chair, sat on me and slipped my **** in her *****. She grinded and typed. A few minutes later she ordered me to the floor where she mounted me and we ******. She cleaned up our fluids and directed we start typing all over. We did this process until 2 am, fell asleep on the floor. We woke, dressed, went to our houses and returned to present the project at 9 am. The client loved it and asked for us to take on another project that very day. Yes, I love my job!
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

You have inspired me to have the office gang bang

So what other office works do plan to get into your office gang bang besides you and your married gf.Would love to read that story if it happens

Dang right you love your job,you lucky Sob. Keep working on projects with your co-worker behind closed doors. If their is more females in your office try to get a group project behind close doors happen. ;)